206NSXMLParser vs libxml2

NSXMLParser parses XML, reports when each node ends, better for very, very large documents. libxml2 loads whole xml file into memory. http://code.google.com/p/touchcode/wiki/TouchXML http://code.google.com/p/kissxml/ iPhone SDK Development by Bill Dudney and Chris Adamson NSXMLParser initWithContentsOfURL: may block GUI while downloading, can not handle HTTP authentication. initWithData: accumulate data with NSURLConnection’s delegate -didReceiveResponse, -didReceiveData, -connectionDidFinishLoading. TouchXML – copy TouchXML files to project – in “Targets”, select target > Get Info > add /usr/include/libxml2 to Header Search Paths – add libxml2.dylib to “Frameworks” UPDATE instead of adding libxml2.dylib link to the Framework on the system: Other Linker Flags:
Linking libxml2 in Xcode