656Google Venn Charts Code

Google Venn Charts use a somewhat cryptic parameter for the relative size of the groups and their overlapping areas:
Where ‘9’ is the size of one group, ‘3’ the size of the other and ‘a’ the size of their overlapping regions. Clearly Google was trying to come up with a one-character coding scheme, the goal was to map one character to a range from 0 .. 100. So, after a couple of minutes well spend, I present the Google Venn Chart coding table:
$code = array(	"A","B","B","C","C","D","E","E","F","F",
The index of the array corresponds to the percentage of the size. Now we can infer, that our example from above, &chd=s:93_a___ means: 9 → 100, 3 → 90 and a → 42. Note that some values have multiple indexes, I guess Venn charting is not that exact of a science. This example is dealing with 2 groups and one intersections, but there is not reason, why it should not work with 3-group Venn diagrams.