1038Turing on Directory View in Apache


Your directory on your Apache Server does not have an index.html and creates a 404 when visited. But there are files in the directory, that should be displayed.


Create a .htaccess file and add the following line:

Options +Indexes

This only works, if AllowOverride Options is set to true in your Apache Settings.

805Recursively removing .svn directories

When you’are working with Subversion, the situation might be familiar: You have checked-out some directories and want to check them in at another repository. Subversion is not happy to do that, it complains with a friendly reminder, that ‘your directory’ is already under version control. The proper way to do it, would probably be to export a clean directory tree, but sometimes this option is not available. Here’s a simple shell script to recursively remove all the hidden ‘.svn’ directories:
rm -rf `find . -type d -name .svn`
Wether it is better to use backticks or xargs is being discussed elsewhere.

759Creating soft symbolic links between two directories

ln -s /path/to/existing/directory /path/to/new/symbolic/link
After that, a
cd /path/to/new/symbolic/link
brings you to
Sometimes a little magic is necessary. Symbolic link can be removed with a simple ‘rm’. This only removes the symbolic link, and not the linked files.
rm /path/to/new/symbolic/link