950SSH, Keys and Cyberduck

Environment: OSX 10.15.2

Understanding ~/.ssh/config

Host test.trembl.org              # Hostname
  User trembl                     # Username
  IdentityFile ~/.ssh/trembl_rsa  # Path to Key

Before config entry:

ssh -i ~/.ssh/trembl_rsa trembl@test.trembl.org

After config entry:

ssh trembl@test.trembl.org

.ssh/config looks up the corresponding IdentityFile and applies the matching IdentityFile for user & host

Keychain Access, SSH & Cyberduck

Adding key to the ssh agent:

ssh-add -K ~/.ssh/trembl_rsa

Check, if the key is present?

ssh-add -l 


2048 SHA256:abcdefghijk trembl@Fischer.local (RSA)

This does not add the key to the Keychain Access App. Does it survive a restart, or will it only be in RAM?


Login in via Cyberduck adds Passphrase to the Keychain Access App. Is this persistent?