812jQuery: Getting the element index from a list of identical class elements

Let’s say you have a number of identical class elements:
One Title
Another Title
And you want to get a particular element from this list.
var myArray = $(".myClass");
var thirdElement = myArray[2];
But note, that myArray[2] is the HTML element, not an jQuery object. If you want to access it via jQuery, you’ll have to “arm” it…
var myArray = $(".myClass");
var thirdElement = $(myArray[2]);
// [
Interrating over a jQuery selected list can be done with the each() function:
myArray.each(function(i, element){
	var myElement = myArray[i];
	// this
	// element
myElement, element and this would all hold the same value at each iteration. i is obviously the index counter. It’s also described quite clearly at the jQuery Docs, but I think it’s important enough to reiterate.